Michael Lewis Guitars - Videos

MLG Pro 1™ Demonstration Video

Michael Lewis explains the features of the Pro 1™

MLG Pro 1™ Live in the Studio

Michael Lewis performing the song Forty Five with the MLG Pro 1™

Features of the MLG Pro 1™

Overview of the features and design of the Pro 1™ set to the music One Eleven Blue Street which features the Pro 1™

Michael Lewis Guitars - mp3 Samples

MLG Pro 1™ - Eric Johnson style fusion tone.

MLG Pro 1™ Clean Jazz tone with acoustic mixed in.

MLG Pro 1™ Smooth Jazz tone with low-wattage amp.

MLG Pro 1™ - Robben Ford style blues tone.

MLG Pro 1™ - Hard Rock tone.

MLG Pro 1™ - Bluesy Fusion tone.

MLG Pro 1™ - Pop Rock tone.